Fearnleys Weekly


Another week for the VLCCs with slow activity at the start of it as charterers are firmly in control. Rates corrected down for all major routes, as the oversupply of tonnage is directing the sentiment. Rates may howev...

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Dry bulk

Sentment is under pressure with a downward trend added by turbulence in financial markets wwide and a falling oil price . The tightness for tonnage on the North Continent is evaporating. It seems to be fine tuned and...

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It is probably fair to say that nobody could foresee the massive, sudden losses of crude/LPG/shares'-values over the last week. Strong, global forces are in play and none seems to know whether a stabilization is near...

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VLCCs dominating the news this week as a total of 11 units were added to the orderbook of which nine were domestic orders in Japan. Orders were split between Mitsui, MES (5) and JMU (4) from five different Japanese ow...

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