Fearnleys Weekly


At the end of last week, activity surged as charterers scrambled to secure tonnage and again it was ex Basrah with multiple options which was the focus. Rates surged and climbed to earnings close to USD 100000/day, no...

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Dry bulk

Despite the Chinese being off most of the week, the market is holding surprisingly well in both hemispheres.Expectations for Q4 in general and for USG in particular have contributed to Owners upping rates for trips ou...

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It has been a rather mixed week in the VLGC market since last Wednesday: The first report days it looked as if the benchmark rate MEG/East was heading for the USD 60's per ton, thereafter the sentiment turned around r...

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With on-going holidays in China, there is a limited number of new contracts being reported. Greek owners went to SWS (Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding) with an order for LR2 type product tankers. The price is reported...

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