Fearnleys Weekly


A very slow start of the week with rates correcting well down for the major VLCC routes. It did however change as activity over the long weekend radically increased, particularly in the MEG. Rates rebounded quickly of...

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Dry bulk

With bank holidays beginning week, Golden Week in Japan and upcoming holidays in Europe the mrkt has been very quiet this week. Rates continue to slide and the pressure for North Atlantic is no longer there. The recen...

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The spot activity in the VLGC market has slowed down quite a bit over the last few days, Golden Week in Japan as well as UK and Singaporean holidays on Monday are partly to blame for the sluggish freight market. The m...

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Very little shipyard activity this week. Two VLGCs ordered by Japanese compatriot Nissen Kaiun for construction at MHI. Although no price reported a VLGC is today estimated at low-mid 70s.

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