Fearnley Consultants

Fearnley Consultants was founded in 1975; the company was the product of the need to utilise data compiled by Fearnresearch in a way that could benefit our client base.

Our associated company, Fearnleys A/S, has been engaged in maritime research and the accumulation of commercial maritime data since the early 1960s. It was this extensive data base which permitted Fearnley Consultants to achieve a flying start, being able to offer a wealth of information to clients from day one. Since opening its doors in 1975 the company has built up an impressive portfolio of clients for whom we have successfully completed a wide range of projects. The company is a leader in commercial shipping-related consultancy.

Our expertise is the result of a longstanding presence in the shipping industry and lies primarily within the areas of:

  • Project Support
  • Forecasting and Market Analysis
  • Logistical Analysis
  • Business Developments
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Strategic Planning and Advice