Fearnley LNG

Fearnleys has been a pioneer in the gas carrier markets and, since the commencement of LNG transportation in the late 1960s has been successfully involved in newbuilding contracting, sale & purchase as well as chartering of LNG carriers.

Today we have a global network of LNG experts in 7 offices covering all time-zones.


Fearnleys has established a substantial track record for LNG advisory and execution services across the LNG value chain including:

  • LNG procurement.
  • Commercial shipping and chartering services spot, short, medium and long-term.
  • Newbuilding advice, analysis/comparison of yard specifications, contracting and negotiation.
  • LNG second-hand sales.
  • LNG liquefaction and re-gasification projects.
  • Floating terminals (FSRUs/FSUs).
  • Terminal Use Agreements and interface between terminal, shipping and product requirements.
  • Site screening.
  • Due diligence.

Over the years we have built a strong presence in all sectors of the LNG market and a solid organization covering all aspects of the LNG shipping industry.

Our recent activities concerning LNGC transactions include: 

  • Advisor for conventional LNGC tenders.
  • Advisor for LNG FSRU tenders.
  • Advising in pre-qualification of shipowners and timecharter development for major LNG projects.
  • Sale of existing entire LNG fleets on behalf of major players.
  • Analyzing transportation requirements.
  • Advising in newbuilding contracts with time charter backed arrangements.
  • Advising on developing strategic alliances with Charterers and Ship Owners to cover transport requirements.
  • Performing  a  full  operational  study  and  developing  a  business  plan,  identifying shipping requirement and cargo coverage.
  • Negotiation of timecharter business between owners and charterers.
  • Strategic analysis and advice for companies new to LNG procurement on how to structure their approach to the LNG market.
  • Execution of LNG cargo purchases on behalf of Principals.