Fearnresearch, which is the research department within Fearnleys, has since the early 1960´s provided at-a-glance updates for shipping executives and for their support staff.

Fearnresearch publishes market reports on fleet, trade and market developments focusing on tankers, bulk carriers and gas carriers.

In addition to general market surveillance, we provide unique and original shipping intelligence through movements tracking of all individual vessels of these types above certain sizes. Together with analysis of economic developments in different areas of the world, this gives our clients a solid basis from which to evaluate future tonnage demand and for project planning.

Fearnresearch also provide exclusive market information services. Information on tonnage supply and fleet performance is supplied from the company´s internal data bank. Our experienced research team, with backgrounds in economics, political science, statistics and shipping, aims to explain the relative strength of different market forces and how they affect each other. Being part of one of the world´s largest shipbroking houses, we have access to a global network of business contacts and established relationships with major research institutes and information sources.

One of Fearnresearch´s strengths is the trade analysis in dry cargoes, oil, LNG and LPG built up since the 1960´s. Fearnresearch is a primary source of trade and fleet data, freight rate and market assessments. Data is compiled through vessel tracking, customs & official statistics, direct market information and in co-operation with our broker departments and other information providers.