Fearngas specializes in the worldwide carriage of LPG, ammonia, and petrochemical gases and covers every type of requirement be it spot, period or sale and purchase on all sizes, ranging from coasters to the largest LPG carriers (VLGC).

With a daily presence in the spot market as well as a substantial data base covering many aspects of the previous performance of the markets it covers, Fearngas is in a unique position to offer competent advice and analysis to its clients. These advisory services encompass commodity and financial markets as well as shipping and place Fearngas in a position to provide clients with the information and guidance they need in order to make informed business decisions. Fearngas also works closely with its many affiliates abroad in order to give its global activities a local perspective which is so essential to clients seeking to penetrate niche markets.

Fearnleys Weekly

The VLGC market is moving sideways with scarce activity on both sides of Suez. The Baltic rate for VLGCs has been dropping in slow increments every day, and the market in the west is following suit. We have seen wes...

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